About US

Do you have a minimum order limit?

For your convenience, we do not limit you to the minimum and maximum order amount. Agree, it is much nicer to first order the goods for the lowest possible amount to check the store and evaluate the timing, quality and level of work. We are going to meet our customers and give you the opportunity to make purchases without restrictions on the value of the order!

How can I pay for an order in your online store?

You can receive an order by paying it on a PrivatBank card or pick up cash on delivery (payment upon receipt).

What is the delivery time?

Delivery to the cloud centers – 1 day, to other settlements – up to 3 days. Delivery outside the USA – up to 10 days.

Can I be sure of the quality of the product?

Our main concern: the high quality of the drugs that we offer. The logic is very simple: the better the quality of the product, the more customers we have. We are very attentive and selective in the selection of suppliers, the quality of products is carefully monitored and checked.

How can you deliver my order?

Delivery is carried out by mail.

Do I need to register in your online store to place an order?

Not! We have simplified the process of placing an order in our online stores as much as possible! To order any quantity of goods you do not need to fill out various registration forms!

How can I track the progress of my order?

After you pay for the goods, you will be provided with the invoice number of your parcel on New Mail. Using this invoice number, you can track the status of your order on the carrier’s pages.

Is there an advance payment for the order in your store?

Yes, unfortunately, the specifics of the goods sold do not give us the possibility of cash on delivery or direct sales. Therefore, we only work on 100% prepayment. There may be exceptions if a person makes 1 order on our website, in which case we can make cash on delivery.

Are the original drugs really?

All drugs that are sold in our online store of anabolic steroids are 100% original. On all products on which verification codes are provided by the manufacturer, they are, they can be entered on the official website.

Can you get advice on the use of drugs?

Of course you can! To do this, we have a contact mail address or phone number. Having contacted us by mail, by phone or in any messenger convenient to you, you can get a high-quality consultation. You can ask any questions not only about drugs, but also about physiology, nutrition or training. Write, we will be happy to help!

Question: Can I get an order from hand to hand or pay for the order by mail?

As we all know, steroids are banned from sale without strict prescription and medical prescription. Open sale of pharmacology is punishable by law. Therefore, we cannot transfer the order from hand to hand for our own safety